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The way John reacts when Sherlock grabs his arm; I can’t properly capture it in screencaps — like of course, yes, he is startled, but he’s also startled on this really physical level, like he can’t believe he’s having this strong of a reaction to Sherlock touching him…

and then of course we get this right after:




imageHe checks him out like 600 times, I swear

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Guns lack intimacy.

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hannibal & dalí ( a r t   m e m e )

 The art of Salvador Dalí is renowned for its extreme and often grotesque use of metaphor. Exploring themes such as voyeurism, self-disgust and the unconscious—or dream—state, Dalí “[diagnoses] diseases of the psyche,” (J.G. Ballard, 1974), which both predict human vulnerabilities and embrace the irrationality and excitement of living in the modern world. The distinct symbols of clocks and butterflies are prevalent in his work, the former perhaps signifying the liquidity of reality and the relativity of time, and the former, naturally, demonstrative of transformation.